Release Notes
Updates on each released version of Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for Spark

Release 1.0.3 - March 18th, 2022

Scala 0.1.358


  • Scala Parser
    • Support underscore followed by newline when parsing expressions
    • Improve parsing errors handling
  • Symbols
    • Improve support of Unresolved Symbols
    • Improve creation of Generic Symbols to reuse existing ones
    • Support Loading and Resolution of Lambda Expressions
  • Mappings:
    • Support custom mappings for functions and types via .map files
    • Added custom map directory parameter


  • Fill missing columns at notification .pam file.
  • Generate metrics data files (.pam) to specified reports folder

Release 1.0.2 - March 4th, 2022

Scala 0.1.351


  • Updated logos and text in UI and Documentation
  • Symbols
    • Support Generic Identifiers on Type Parameters for Generic Symbol
    • Exclusion of not required dependencies
  • ScalaParser:
    • Backticks idents
    • ArgAssign expressions


  • ScalaParser:
    • ExprLambda with ColonType next to ident
    • Try expression when try is not referring a keyword
    • Empty lambda expr with args
    • Underscore ("_") in TypeArgs
    • Files with all commented out source
    • New lines at SimpleExpr, SingleExpr, TailExpr nodes
  • ConversionTool:
    • Fix Crash of conversion due to javap parsing errors (related with jar dependencies)

Release 1.0.1 - February 14th, 2022

Scala 0.1.333


  • Command line interface.
  • Scala code assessment feature.
  • Consume multiple files or single files with multiple objects.
  • Conversion of basic Scala programs as defined by functions and syntax to be mutually agreed during the first 3 development sprints.
  • Comments in Scala code are re-inserted inline.
  • Insert comments in-line with any errors/warning/reviews.
  • Basic reporting including
    • Number of spark elements processed
    • Summary of elements transformed, files and locations of
    • Summary of errors/warnings/reviews encountered.
    • Summary of unsupported Spark APIs
  • Demonstrated inclusion of the following defined scenarios:
    • API mappings
    • Recreate project as SnowPark projects
      • Setup Proper project structure
      • Update to SnowPark supported Scala version
    • Helper Creation to reduce impedance mismatch
    • Define some pattern rewrite
    • Document guidelines for non-automatable concepts (e.g.: file usage patterns, data source configuration, or spark libraries without a direct equivalent, like Kafka stream reading)
  • Greater than 90% successful conversion rate for initial two customer code bases (basis code for the above scenarios) to be provided to Mobilize by Snowflake on the Effective Date.
    • Measured based upon number of compilable objects in Snowflake
    • Objects with unsupported/untranslatable functions not counted
    • Conversion rate for code will be based upon a complete code base containing all dependent objects.
    • Snowflake will provide access to all available private preview features for Mobilize development benefit