How to run E2E Test

Once you have created a new feature in one of the frameworks, or maybe just added a new test to the cypress integration folder, you'll need to run the E2E tests, so in this guide you'll find the steps to accomplish this.


Before start this guide you'll need to find the README inside one of the frameworks repository (WFNetKendo, PBKendo), and check that you have all the dependencies up to date.

Once you have checked that follow the next steps:

1- In a command line, go to the location where you have WFNetKendoComponents or PBKendoComponents, and locate the E2EDemo or Samples directory, after this find the package.json inside this directories, and go there, you can do this by executing the next command:

cd path/to/E2EDemo-Samples/

2- Now you can execute one of the next commands to start the tests:

npm run cy:open


npm run cy:test

In case you have used the second one, the tests will be run in background and automatically, so you'll watch the progress in the command line.

On other hand if you choose the first one you'll have a chrome window with cypress dashboard running, just like this:

cypress dashboard

The dashboard contains the tests that have been created, you'll find them in the bottom, inside the "INTEGRATION TESTS" section, you can run them clicking on one, or using the "Run all specs" button in the upper right corner; once you have ran a test, you'll have a window like this:

cypress run dashboard

In the right side you'll find the user interface that you are testing, in the left side you'll fin the tests and all their steps, so if everything is green it's ok, it means the test is passing, on other hand in the upper left corner you'll find a green check that shows how many tests are passing and a X showing how many tests are failing.

It is important to take into account that this tests are running in a browser, in this example Chrome, so, it's possible to use the developer tools to debug the UI.

Now in case you need more information about testing with cypress visit them here.