Assessment Report Issue

VBUC has an option called Assessment, which creates a report used as input to estimate the possible effort required for the migration process. (For more information, see Assessment Process)

The process itself is not complicated; however, the generated files should respect the required structure since any modification (adding, deleting, or modifying folders or files) can affect any other tasks that may be carried out during the migration process.

Folder structure

Keeping the files in the correct folder hierarchy is essential for a correct analysis process. Please do not add, delete, or modify any folder or file.

The following folder structure must be maintained.

  • Assessment: The main directory where all files are stored.

  • DependenctGraph: Folder that contains .csv files.

  • HTMLReports: Folder that contains html, css files and images.

  • <file>.xml: All necessary XML files generated by the assessment process.

  • <file>.fgp: Fingerprint file.

Generating .zip file

If you need a .zip file for a process, first verify that the files generated by the assessment are similar to those in the previous section.

Once you have verified the assessment folder has no issues, compress it to a .zip file from the Assessment folder.

Verify that the Assessment .zip file contains the Assessment folder.

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