Release Notes

In the following section, you will find all the improvements (User Experience, Conversion Core) on each release.

Release 9.2.0

User Experience


  • GUI improvements:

    • Compile, Debug, Run section was renamed to Next Steps.

    • Several bugs fixed.

    • Changes in the user interface

    • Migration summary after every upgrade process

  • .NET Framework 4.8 support

    • Migrations to .NET Framework 4.8 are now available for C# and VB.NET

  • Upgrade Options support

    • RDO options are now available to .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5:

      • To ADO.NET using SqlClient

      • To ADO.NET using System.Data.Common and helper classes.

  • .NET 5 cross-platform helpers support

Conversion Core


  • MSWLess mappings

  • MSACAL mappings

  • MSComCt2 mappings

  • MSComCtl mappings

  • RichTextBox mappings

  • MSDataGridLib mappings

  • MSDBGridLib mappings

  • MSFlexGrid mappings

  • TrueDBGrid mappings

  • VSFlexGrid mappings

  • Helpers bugs fixed

Release 9.1.0

User Experience


  • Fixes related to reload/enable the Upgrade Option list.

Conversion Core


  • Support for new error handling patterns.

  • Default property expansion in VB6 types that have a default property of the same type.

  • Control Array events migration.

  • Elements renaming mechanism.

  • Stub generation mechanism.

  • OLE_COLOR migration.

  • Mappings (MSFlexGrid, VSFlexGrid, DataCombo, TrueDBGrid).

  • Support ClassInitialize and ClassTerminate methods.

  • Type Libraries Inventory loading mechanism.

Release 9.0.0

.NET 5 support

The biggest milestone of this release is the first version of migration support for .NET 5. The VBUC user can now select this new option on the .NET Platform combo box.

User Experience


  • Upgrade option documentation is online.

  • Helper integration via source code is available for all .NET Platforms.

  • Improved SDK project files generation, to ignore unnecessary files and folders.

Conversion Core


  • Interop event and method parameters migrations.

  • MSComCTL and ComCTL mappings.

  • RichTextBox mappings.

  • VBA.Interaction mappings.

  • form_load event migration.

  • ADORecordset Helper.

  • Access DB Helper.

  • Assessment

    • Quality

    • Reliability

Release 8.3.0

User Experience


  • Upgrade Options view, show all options or just options in use.

  • New .NET Platform combo box available.

  • New Helpers Integration mode, NuGets.

  • First version of .NET Core Support.

  • New logging level mechanism.

  • New documentation published online.

  • Mappings-Grammar Visual Studio Extension (.vsix)

Conversion Core


  • Improved TrueDBGrid to Component One mappings.

  • Improved Visual Studio installation-detection, by default VS2019 is selected.

  • Fixes over foreach iterators.

  • Improved typing of multi-dimensional arrays.

Release 8.2.0

User Experience


  • New filters make setting up a VBUC solution easier.

    • Internal references search.

    • Unresolved CreateObjects search.

  • Licencing process redesign.

  • Support for Visual Studio 2017 & Visual Studio 2019.

  • Upgrade Option documentation completed.

Conversion Core


  • New Upgrade Helpers:

    • IOHelper, a utility class that provides functionality related to Input/Output operations.

    • DBITech CtdEdit Helper, a third-party control.

    • Component One C1Report Helper, a third-party control.

    • Crystal Report Helper, a third-party control.

  • First version of .NET Core Helpers.

  • New mappings for MQAX and MSMQ third party controls.

  • New mappings for Ambient properties.


  • GoSub to local functions (C# only).

  • Criteria for declaring indexers.

  • Multiple Upgrade Helpers improvements:

    • TrueDBGrid helper.

    • Farpoint spread helper.

    • Flexgrid helper.

    • StringsHelper.

    • Printer Helper.

    • XArrayHelpers.

    • Crystal Reports helper.

  • Upgrade Helper Unit test coverage improvement.

  • Improved comparison of colors with other colors, enums, and numeric values.

  • ByRef to ByVal rules improvements.

  • Remove unnecessary castings in basic operations.

  • Performance improvements in the ASP migrator.

  • Control arrays events and indexing improvements.

  • Saving user-defined-events info during preprocess to improve code quality.

Release 8.1.0

User Experience


  • Licensing status feedback.

Conversion Core


  • Feature for Exit For and Exit Do inside nested loops.

  • Dynamic type generation.


  • Optional parameters default value.

  • Collection type inference for inconsistent usages.

  • StructLayout for struct declarations.

  • Comparison between currency and ADODB.Recordset.Field type.

  • Numeric types decimal-double casting.

  • Conversion from twips to pixels.

  • Module elements qualification.

  • VB6 enumeration with singular names support.

  • Intrinsic enumerators mappings.

  • Memory release of COM objects.

  • Fixed-length string support.

  • Improved the quality of the Assessment Tool results.

  • Multiple mappings have been significantly improved:

    • VB6 default libraries.

    • TreeView mapping.

    • TreeView SelectedItem.

    • TreeView Nodes Index for selected image migration improvement.

    • Labels AlignRight and AutoSize combined usage.

    • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Command Connection String.

    • RDOConnection.Execute method improvements.

    • TrueDBGrid60 and TrueOleDBGrid60 coverage improvement.

    • VBA.FileSystem.Seek function improvements.

    • VBA.FileSystem.FileLen function improvements.

    • Microsoft DataCombo migration support for data bindings.

    • Sheridan ActiveToolBars.

    • Windows Script Host Object Model.

    • Microsoft Scripting Runtime.

    • Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation.

    • Apex True DBGrid Data Bound Grid Library, and ComponentOne True DBGrid Pro 7.0.

    • Microsoft DataGrid.

    • Microsoft MSHFlexGrid.

    • Crescent Corporation Crescent QuickPak CSTextlib.

  • Multiple Upgrade Helpers improvements:

    • Enhanced Helpers reliability by increasing UnitTest coverage.

    • General Improvements: Expanded Helpers code based on previous project migrations experiences.

    • ADORecordSetHelper.

    • StringsHelper (Regex.IsMatch, StringsHelper.Like, Mid, Left, Right).

    • MemoryHelper.

  • Several robustness fixes to avoid untranslated-statements.

  • Loops during static analysis that might cause migration compilation problems.

  • Missing files present in a project might cause unprocessed projects and lower output quality.

Release 8.0.0

User Experience


  • Scalability and performance

Conversion Core


  • Shared Files Bridge, a unified way to resolve identifiers for shared files.

  • Drag and Drop support.

  • New library mappings:

    • ActiveBar.

    • ActiveInput.

    • ActiveScroll.

    • PvColorComboBox.

    • PvExplorerLib.

    • SQLDMO.

    • StdPicker.

    • TDBCombo.

    • TLI.


  • Event Renaming.

  • By Ref Parameter to By Val.

  • MousePointer to Cursor type coercions.

  • Library mappings improved:

    • VB6 default libraries.

    • Accusoft.

    • CWGraph, CrViewer.

    • FPSpread.

    • MDIExtenderLib.

    • MSComCtlLib.

    • MSDataGridLib.

    • MSFlexGrid.

    • MSXML.

    • SSActiveTreeView.

    • SSActiveTabs.

    • SSCalendarWidgets.

    • SSDataWidgets.

    • Threed.

  • Upgrade Helpers improvements:

    • Data Access.

    • ReflectionHelper.

  • ComVisible feature.

  • Interfaces Implementation: several bugs fixed.

  • Typing inference fixes with shared files.

  • ControlArrray events indexes issues fixed.

  • Get/Set properties to methods by ComInterop.

  • Date optional parameters supported.

  • Variables being used before the declaration.

  • Improved handling of variables declarations/initializations for both C# and VB.Net.

  • Identification and migration of Alias Types.

  • AddressOf migration for C# and VB.Net.

  • TimeZone and GetTimeZoneInformation structs and related functions conversion.

  • Several robustness fixes to avoid untranslated-statements.