How effective is the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion tool at converting an application's front end?

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion actually does an outstanding job when upgrading the applications front end, thanks to the considerations taken like:

  1. Successful default properties extraction from the original VB6 controls

  2. Use of inherent .NET controls and constructions, which ensures the resulting graphical front-end will look as natural as possible

  3. Absence of a proprietary runtime, which elevates the code maintainability and eases the process of future additions to the existing front end

  4. Clever implementations of upgrade issues like control arrays and default properties resolution even in late-bound usages

  5. Extensibility model that allows the tool to adapt to particular code patterns and programming techniques

Also, during the conversion process, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion will display all the conflicts and issues related to references or 3rd party libraries and other resources.

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