Running a .NET Core application in a machine with no Visual Studio installed

When you want to run a .NET Core application in a different machine where it was created you will need to install the Runtime to be able to execute it, but in some cases when you migrate an application using the VBUC tool and you try to execute it in a different machine you can get an error like the next one.

To fix the previous error, you need to click on the "yes" option on the displayed message or you can open the next link. There you will see different .NET Core versions to install.

The VBUC tool is able to migrate to .NET Core 3.1, for that reason, you need to choose the same version to download and install the Runtimes.

It is not necessary to install the SDKs to run .NET Core applications.

Once there, you need to choose and download the appropriate version depending on your OS, in the case of Windows, you need to install both (x86 and x64) when you have finished installing the necessary runtimes, you can execute your application again. This problem is commonly related to the platform target used by Visual Studio to compiles a project.

Note: You can check the .NET Core SDKs and Runtimes installed using the command prompt. Once you have opened the command prompt you can use dotnet --info command and a list with the SDK and Runtime versions will be displayed. To run the applications you only need to install the Runtimes.

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