Upgrade Options

In the following section, you will find the Upgrade Options available in the VBUC. So that you can define how the VBUC will generate the .NET code.

The upgrade options are divided into subsections, where each section refers to different types of components or categories of options supported by the VBUC:

  • Data Access: This section determines the way in which the Data Access components will be upgraded. There are options for ADODB, DAO, RDO, SQLDMO, or Oracle.

  • Grids: Since grid components are usually the most complex third party components in a VB6 application, the VBUC has a section with options for the most commonly used ones.

  • Microsoft: This section has options on how to upgrade the components that came built-in with Visual Basic 6.0; these are widely used in most VB6 applications.

  • Sheridan: The controls created by this company (now called Infragistics) were widely used when VB6 was very popular. That’s why the VBUC has support for these controls, and this section defines how these controls are upgraded.

  • Others: With the time Mobilize has added support for other controls that are widely used by VB6 developers. These are defined in this section.

  • Code Conversion: This is probably the most important section in the upgrade options, and it defines different alternatives for the overall code migration, as opposed to the previous sections, that defined how to upgrade specific controls.

  • C# Features: This section has options that define different alternatives for code migration to C#, taking advantage of some features of the language.

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