Welcome to the documentation page for the Mobilize.Net BlackDiamond Studio.

What is BlackDiamond Studio?

BlackDiamond Studio is a new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tailored to Database Engineers. It is designed and built for Snowflake, with an integrated set of features that offers a better coding experience.

Take a quick tour of BlackDiamond Studio by watching this video:


With the partnership of Mobilize.Net and SnowConvert, BDS has converted Teradata, Oracle, and SQL server warehouses to 24 customers. These conversions resulted in significant savings per customer in terms of labor hours as well as dollars.

Mobilize.Net has been in the migration business for over 25 years, currently positioning itself as a Worldwide Leader in Application Modernization. Mobilize.Net works as Technology Partner with Snowflake, a company that offers automation tools to address converting database objects, SQL, database scripts, and ETL technologies.


BlackDiamond Studio is an integrated code editor that uses VS Code, this allows engineers to organize not only the SQL code, but any other scripts that have been written to Snowflake. The current release offers the following features for conversion and development:

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