Navigating the Projects List

The Project List enables detailed project search by using a combination of components like filters, sorting options, and a search bar. They can be used simultaneously, for example, the projects can be filtered to show only conversion projects, sorted in ascendant order, and then a search by name can be performed on those specific projects.

Find a list below of all the navigation components available:

Sort by

Projects can be sorted by name or date in a descendant or ascendant order.


Projects can be filtered by:

Project Type:

  • Code from templates

  • Code from scratch

  • Conversion

  • Assessment

  • Extraction


  • My projects

  • Shared with me

Language or Platform:

  • Teradata

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • Scala

  • Python

Search by project name or combine it with the filters to get more detailed search results.

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