3. Upload my source code

The upload source code option is available for conversion and assessment projects. This step changes according to your repository selection:

A. Convert from BDS repository:

  1. You will be asked to upload a Zip Folder. Please avoid using these folder names because they will not be uploaded. They will be ignored by the BlackDiamond Studio repository.

2. Upload your code and convert it using SnowConvert in the cloud or convert it later. To convert your code do the following:

2.1. Choose your source platform between Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, or Scala.

2.2. A trial license will be automatically created. It will allow converting 5000 lines of code for the next 7 days.

2.3. As an Optional Step you can configure the conversion settings.

2.4. Click on the Start Conversion button. This process might take several minutes or hours depending on the size of your code.

2.5. Then the conversion will be executed.

2.6. Once the conversion is completed, the project home page will be displayed containing a project summary and the buttons: Open IDE, Open Repository, and Share.

2.7. The conversion results can be reviewed in the IDE by clicking Open IDE. Check the compare source code feature to compare your source and target code.

2.8. To review the assessment reports open the Reports folder in the IDE explorer or in the repository.

2.9. Continue working with your converted source code in the IDE to get the best out of BlackDiamond Studio. Your code can be found in the IDE explorer in the Target folder.

2.10. You can also share your project. Check the Sharing Project section.

B. Convert from an external repository:

In this case, you are able to upload your code to your repository or convert your code directly from your external repository.

  1. If you select Upload source code to convert, the steps are going to be the same as the previous flow where you uploaded the source code.

2. In case you selected Convert Code from my external repository, you need to name the folder you want to convert Sources. The following steps are like the previous flow, where you select the source platform, activate the conversion license and you will also have the option of edit the conversion settings. Then the conversion can be executed.

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