Reset Password and Multifactor Authentication

To protect your access and all information included in BlackDiamond Studio we use a two-step verification also known as multifactor authentication. Our second factor is based on the Time-based one-time passcode (TOTP). That means you will need an authenticator app to complete the login process.

If you ever lose access to your authenticator app, you won't be able to enter BDS.

To reset the Authenticator app you will need to set up a new password and re-scan the QR code again.

Reset the password and restore the MFA

  • To reset your password click on the "Forgot password or lost authenticator app access?" link on the login screen.

  • After clicking on the link, the system will require you to validate your email address, you will need to enter the email address registered on BlackDiamond Studio.

  • After you entered your email address, the system will send you an email with a validation code that you must enter and verify to continue to the reset password screen.

  • On the password creation screen, you must create a new password that meets the minimum password requirements.

  • After you confirm your new password and click on the "Change Password" button the system will notify you that the password has been successfully changed. Also, an email will be sent to your inbox notifying you about this change.

  • When you try to access the system again with the newly created password the system will require you to register the authenticator app again.

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