BlackDiamond Studio can create a set of unit tests for all the migrated JavaScript Stored Procedures. This feature allows the user to execute, verify, and debug their Stored Procedure code before deploying it into the Snowflake cloud.

It is important to note that the execution of these tests depends on an active database connection to your Snowflake cloud.

Please consider that it might modify the data existing in your database. We recommend executing these test cases on a development database.


  1. To generate the Stored Procedures Test, right-click on the folder or file containing your migrated stored procedures.

2. You will receive a confirmation request to proceed with the test generation process.

3. If you select the Yes option, a “test” folder will be generated with the new generated unit tests.

4. The test folder contains the unit test scripts, these scripts can be executed and debugged to verify your stored procedures implementation before deploying it into the Snowflake cloud.

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