Source Control (VS Code)

BlackDiamond Studio IDE has source control management integrated and includes Git support out-of-the-box. For more information please check Visual Studio Code Source Control.

The integrated source control allows developers to branch, merge, and otherwise manage your repository as typically done in GitHub. This allows developers to compare code previous to deploying it.

The Source Control icon in the Activity Bar on the left will always indicate an overview of how many changes you currently have in your repository. Selecting the icon will show you the details of your current repository changes: CHANGES, STAGED CHANGES, and MERGED CHANGES.

Clicking each item will show you in detail the textual changes within each file. Note that for unstaged changes, the editor on the right still lets you edit the file: feel free to use it!

You can also find indicators of the status of your repository in the bottom-left corner of the IDE: the current branch, dirty indicators, and the number of incoming and outgoing commits of the current branch. You can checkout any branch in your repository by clicking that status indicator and selecting the Git reference from the list.

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