Reports Explorer

Review your Insight reports with a comprehensive explorer that simplifies opening, filtering, and sorting. The Report explorer helps you to navigate thru all the reports generated by analyzing the code, or the assessment of the conversion, in a simple, and organized way. To access the report explorer, click on the icon in the left taskbar:

Once inside the Report Explorer, you see a simple organization of files, to easily help you find your reports. The Conversion reports folder includes all the reports generated when the code was converted to your selected language, and the Insights Reports folder contains the reports generated by analyzing your code, whether is source code or target code. Also, inside the Insights reports, you find the folder of the source code you generated the analysis report from.

Additional to the simplicity and organization of your reports, Report Explorer also synchronizes with the latest information with your Snowflake account, which allows you to always have the latest reports available.*

*Depends if snowflake account storage is available and connected.

We understand the difficulty and extra work that takes to read a CSV file, so BlackDiamond Studio Insights implements a CSV viewer integrated with the Report Explorer, that helps you to read the reports generated by Insights (analysis) or Conversion.

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