Contextual Menu

Contextual Menu options available in BlackDiamond Studio.

BlackDiamond: Convert (available in the Sources folder)

Convert your source code from Teradata, Oracle, and SQL Server to Snowflake, Spark Scala to Snowpark Scala, and Spark Python to Snowpark Python.

To convert your source code right-click a file or folder and select the option BlackDiamond: Convert from the contextual menu.


Source Platform and license must be previously configured on the BDS Portal.

Learn more about conversions from the IDE.

BlackDiamond: Conversion Settings (available in the Sources folder)

Convert your source code to Snowflake with SnowConvert using the default settings or customize them for any of these source platforms: Teradata, Oracle, or SQL Server.

The conversion settings can be customized in the IDE by right-clicking the file or folder you want to convert and selecting the option BlackDiamond: Conversion Settings. For more information about the conversion settings in the IDE go to Conversion Settings.

BlackDiamond: Deploy (available in the Target folder)

Deploy your source code to Snowflake by right-clicking on a file or folder and selecting BlackDiamond: Deploy from the context menu.

BlackDiamond: Compare

Using the BlackDiamond: Compare option you can verify the changes between the source code and the target code produced during the conversion process.

You can verify all the changes in data types and object definitions before deploying the new migrated code into your Snowflake cloud database.

BlackDiamond: Export Scala UDF (.sbt files)

Please check the Scala Quick Start Guide.

BlackDiamond: Run Code Analyzer

Get Insight reports for your source and/or target code and inspect the relationships between the various objects and dependencies. Learn more about

  • To get the analysis of your code, right-click a folder from source or target and select the option BlackDiamond: Run Code Analyzer.

  • Refer to the Reports folder to see the generated reports or use the Reports Explorer feature for a better experience.

BlackDiamond: Run Streamlit (available only for Python files)

Use the BlackDiamond: Run Streamlit menu option to start the execution of a Streamlit App. For more information see Running a Streamlit App.

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