Project Summary Page

You've created a project, so what's in your project?

After you have a project created, you can interact with that project in the "Project Summary Page". The sections that you see in the project summary page are standard though some do vary based on the project type.

Here's what a project summary page could look like:

At the very top, you'll find the top bar, which is described elsewhere.

In the body of the page, you can find:

  1. OPEN IDE: This launches the IDE connected to this project and repository.

  2. OPEN REPOSITORY: Opens the Git Repo connected to this account directly.

  3. SHARE: This allows you to share the project with other BDS users.

  4. Project Name: The project name was defined when you first created this project. You can change the name here.

  5. Repository: You can view the repository information here. You can also see whether the connected to the repository has been established (Connected) or if the connection was not able to be established (Connection failed).

  6. Connect to Snowflake: You can view your connection information here. You can also view if thre is a connection to the database (Connected). But it doesn't end there, you can input connection information if you did not do so when you initially setup the project, and you can change you connection details as well. To change you connection information, you will have to disconnect the database (choose DISCONNECT DATABASE at the bottom of the "Connect to Snowflake" section), then edit the information, and re-connect.

  7. Code: This section will vary by project type.

    • Conversion Project: View whether or not you have succesfully uploaded and run the conversion tool. You can also edit the conversion tool you are using and the license you are using as well.

    • Assessment Project: View whether or not you have successfully uploaded and run the analyzer tool. You can also edit the analyzer tool you are using and the license you are using as well.

    • Template Project: View the template that you are using, the documentation for that template (if it exists), and some basic information about that template.

    • Extraction Project: If you extracted code from a Snowflake account, this section will tell you if the extraction was succesful. There is nothing else to view here.

    • Code from Scratch Project: This section does not appear for this project type.

There's a lot you can do from the Project Summary page. Read on to learn more about these options.

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