Sharing a Project

You can collaborate in BlackDiamond Studio by sharing your projects with other users. They will get a project invite and will see their shared projects on the project list. To share projects, follow these steps:

  1. From the project list:

    1. Click on the Share Project option.

  2. If you are on the project home page, click on the Share button.

3. Add members by email address and press the enter key.

4. Choose their role. Members can edit the project, connect to the existing database connection, open the repository, open and work in the IDE, and edit the conversion settings. Admins do the same as members plus: invite users, assign other project admins, remove users, and delete projects.

5. Click Invite.

6. You should get a confirmation alert that says, “Invite sent.”

7. When you are inviting users to a project with an external repository there is a chance that they are not authenticated yet in the repository provider in BlackDiamond Studio. This prevents the portal from inviting them automatically to the repository. If you get the following alert, please make sure you invite these users manually to your external repository.

8. The invitees will receive an invite email with a link to the project. If they are not users of BlackDiamond Studio yet, they will have to sign up.

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