Storage of reports in client stage

Learn about where to store Insights reports.

Store your analyzed Insight reports in your BDS repository or save them in your Snowflake database.

This functionality allows you to take control of the reports generated by BDS Insights. If you have a Snowflake account and want to save your reports there, there is a functionality to store the generated reports in your account. Find your reports easily in your storage account and use them as you see fit. Also, BDS Insights gives you the option to save the reports in your BDS repository*.

To make it easy for you, a confirmation message will be displayed once you run an analysis of your code (BlackDiamond: Run Code Analyzer), in which you can select the storage option that fits your needs.

Additionally, BlackDiamond Studio Insights provides the option of changing the configuration settings of the storage from the settings section, so you can use the different options and change the storage choice that fits your needs best.

Only one report will be stored in the BDS repository at the time should this option be selected.


  • From the output code generated: Snowflake Scanner.

  • From the source code: Oracle Scanner, SQL Server Scanner, Teradata Scanner, SCALA Scanner.

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