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BlackDiamond Studio offers its users a complete object inventory across SnowConvert supported SQL languages. The reporting features allow you to:

  • Look at the relationships between various objects and their dependencies.

  • Estimate the cost of code changes before deploying

  • Analyze the usage of elements such as views, tables, and stored procedures.

  • Analyze your source code even before performing a migration to identify current relationships and dependencies.

You can pull reports of your code using the Snowflake Scanner, or generate an inventory report of the source code using any of the following applications:

  • Oracle Scanner

  • SQL Server Scanner

  • Teradata Scanner

  • Scala Scanner

In order to generate Insight reports from BlackDiamond Studio, follow the next steps:

1. Select the source code for the analysis (Folder).

2. Right-click the folder and select BlackDiamond: Run Code Analyzer

3. Click the storage option that fits better your needs

4. You will get a progress bar indicating that the scanning is happening, and BlackDiamond Studio will notify you when the analysis is complete.

5. Refer to the ScannerResults folder to see the generated reports (the folder will appear in the parent folder in which the analysis was run. Ex: Source or Target.)

6. To open a report, just click the report and BlackDiamond Studio will open it using an integrated CSV viewer.

7. Alternatively, you can open the reports in the Report Explorer section in BlackDiamond Studio.

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