This section talks about the Architecture of WebMAP5. This architecture consists of the Core Services (Components on the blue box), a Client web application, and a Desktop Compatibility Platform.

For a more in-depth explanation of each component, please go the specific documentation page for each one of the main components:

  • Core Services:

    • Core module: This Module is in charge of managing all the task related to observables, like Reference Management, Storage of Observable, etc.

    • Messaging Module: This Module is in charge of communication between components, features like Mappers are implemented in this component.

    • Web Server Module: This Module is in charge of the communication between the Client application and the backend.

  • Desktop Compatibility Module: This Module is designed to be replaced depending on the source platform. For example, there is a Winforms Desktop Compatibility Platform which is intended to be used when a Winforms application is migrated.

WebMAP request execution

Core Services contains several middlewares that allow the implementation of memory state tracking in an ASP.NET Core application, said middlewares create a layer between the native ASP.NET Core mechanisms and a WebMAP application which are used to handle the correctness of an application's state during its lifecycle.

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