What is the Mobilize.Weaving.WebMAPExtensions.All?

Mobilize.Weaving.WebMAPExtensions.All is a Nuget Packages. This Package depends on 2 specific package which are related.

The intention of this Nuget is to encapsulate all the weaving packages into a single package, for an easy way to handle the version changing in the migrated solutions

The following packages compose the Weaving WebMAPExtensions. All of them are build together with the same version.

  1. Mobilize.Weaving.WebMAPExtensions

  2. Mobilize.WebMAP.WebMAPDataTransferExtension


This Package contains container the analyzers and mutators that makes the needed transformation to the migrated solutions during compilation time.

For more information about the transformations visit Weaving Overview


This package contains an analyzer and a mutator that are responsible to add generated code during compilation time for the DTOs classes which are marked with attribute Mobilize.WebMAP.Common.Attributes.DataTransferAttribute.

For more information about Data Transfer Objects: