DCP: Desktop Compatibly Platform

What is the DCP

The main purpose of WebMap is to provide a robust framework that enables the conversion of a full state desktop application into an equivalent web application while preserving the original application logic as is.

Depending on the technology used as input WebMap needs to behave in a certain way in order to keep the original code running accurately. In order to provide an equivalent runtime for the converted application Mobilize has developed several package bundles designed to act as counterpart of the original framework into the new Asp .NET Core application.

Since Asp .NET Core is a pure web framework it lacks most the basic structures that can be found in a desktop framework, for example Windows Forms includes built-in characteristics such as controls, forms, full state in memory, among others. Since the native desktop framework behaviors are not part of the Asp .NET Core; Mobilize developed a set of libraries containing functional implementations intended to replace the original components in a converted application using the WebMap conversion technology. Those libraries are called DCP (Desktop Compatibly Platform)

Currently WebMap supports de following DCPs:

  • CSharp Windows Forms

  • CSharp Asp .NET

  • PowerBuilder .NET

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