Up next, the basic PB2Java environment architecture will be explained divided by the following topics:

  • WebMapRequests

  • WebMapResponse

  • Interceptors

  • Helpers

  • Transaction Manager

  • Serializers

The image below shows the PB2Java diagram architecture.


The WebMapSingleController is the entry point that processes all the requests following the single controller request mapping.

Every call to the WebMapSingleController must have this {control}/{event}/{uid:.+} format. For example:


The start method gets the corresponding control to find the method to execute (getMethodToExecute), and the parameters for the method (getJsonParametersFromRequest), by using the reflection process.

	@RequestMapping(value = "/{control}/{event}/{uid:.+}", method = {RequestMethod.POST}, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
	public @ResponseBody IWebMapResponse start(
			@PathVariable String control,
			@PathVariable String event,
			@PathVariable String uid, String requestBody) {