Release Notes

WebMAP: WebForms to Web is a tool designed to convert .NET Framework apps based on C# and ASP.NET WebForms applications to a modern web architecture.

1.2.0 - Beta version

Component’s version for this release:
  • Mobilize.Web.BundleBasic.All: 9.12.4
  • Mobilize.Web.BundleBasic.WebForms.All: 1.10.4
  • Winforms-components: 7.54.9
  • Webforms-components: 1.27.12


  • Assessment improvements for accurate process of evaluation, add stub filtering new rules to evaluate more nodes of the source code than ASP and been able to read more nodes information.
  • Add new value in assessment Status column report output, value 2 means HTML elements that were not mapped and that code will be part of the output as it is in source code.
  • Net 6 update to add support a new framework and it is in a long-term support, due to the current support for .Net 5 is over.
  • Added mapping and implementation of range validator control.
  • Added support to configure SortingActionService for WebForms.
  • Entity Framework references supported.


  • Remove dependency in Kendo Editor, to fix npm installation issues and stabilize RichTextBox basic implementation.
  • Fixed image and hyperlink controls behavior.

🎉Initial release!