FocusManager guide

Focus Manager

Focus manager born like a necessity to have a manual control of focus and relieve browser from that work. Is important for us to know which component is currently selected and apply the corresponding event. We have been created a FocusManagerModule ir order to handle directives and services.


This is a service class with a group of functions that basically handles the focus action for the application, validates if a column of Data Manager has focus, triggers data manager events if required, handles focus in and focus out classes.


Angular directive class that has '[wmFocusable]' as a selector which is applied to all components. This class determines whether a component needs to be focus.

How to use

If you want to led focus manager handle your component focus just add directive

<input wmFocusable >

Important facts

It is important to check that each control has a focusableElement defined, this should be the correct way to applyFocus.

Any control with the flag isFocused true must be focused and then turned in to false by the focusable directive.