Development Process

After Setting up the workspace and Front-End setup and compilation we should be able to add, modify or delete code.


It is important to document and comment our code for the future understanding.

Formal documentation is made by DocFx which is a API documentation generator that builds a static HTML website from our Markdown files

There is a docs folder that contains a documentation structure , after adding a new Mark Down file we have to make sure that is referenced on toc.yml file.

Like this:

- name: Architecture
- name: Migrated Structure
  href: structure/
- name: Setup
    - name: Browser Support
      href: setup/
- name: Base Components
    - name: Control Component
      href: winforms/base-components/
- name: JQuery Web Components
- name: KendoUI Components
    - name: AdoDataControl
      href: winforms/kendoui/
    - name: Button 
      href: winforms/kendoui/
- name: Decorators
    - name: Server Event
      href:  winforms/decorators/
- name: Conventions
    - name: Application Structure and NgModules
      href: Conventions/
    - name: Coding
      href: Conventions/

Also is important to add comments to the code and make sure that is aligned.

     * This is a comment for new newFunction
    newFunction(): void {
    console.log("This is a new function");


We manage high percentage of coverage on our code, it is important to make sure that everything have been tested, here is a guide about how it works Unit Test Manual

Pull Request

When our code is ready is time to make a pull request, this needs to be be approved by two developers in order to be merged on our develop branch.

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