The WebMAPAngular project is used to extend specific functionality of the client's core. this project is a bridge that connects the angular Framework with the client's core.

For example, in this project there are new implementations of View and ViewResolver, adapted to work with the angular Framework mechanism. Also you can call some API methods, and get data from the storage of the core.

On the other hand, the core allows registering new behaviors as plug-in. This project use this mechanism to add new functionality such as adding new workers (ChangeDetectionWorker) to manipulate the response from the server side, or register new components (LoadingComponent).

In the same way that new functionality can be added from the core side. It is also possible to overwrite angular Framework behaviors, for example the decorators (NotifyChange) to track any change, and send it to the delta tracker system or some Framework service (WebMAPInterceptorService) used to intercept the angular request.

Finally, this project exposes a base service that is in charge of being the point of interaction between the core and the angular Framework. The service is called WebMapService.