What is the DesignerAttribute?

The DesignerAttribute is an attribute defined in Mobilize.WebMAP.Common.Attributes. This attribute is defined in Mobilize.WebMAP.Common assembly.

When is used this attribute?

This attribute is added before the declaration of a Method. And its intention is to mark this method to let WebMAP know that here we have the initialization of the controls that were generated statically in the html and css of the site.

private void InitializeComponent()
    this.button1 = new Mobilize.Web.Button();
    // button1
    this.button1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(10, 20);
    this.button1.Name = "button1";
    this.button1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(86, 36);
    this.button1.TabIndex = 0;
    this.button1.Text = "Translate";

What happens to the method when used this attribute?

When compiling the project that contains a method with designer attribute, the weaver will inject some behind generated code to the method that let WebMAP establish that the following initializations correspond to static controls, and after this request it doesn't have to report those changes to the frontend for those controls.