WebMap's Client Core


The client helpers core is the base component of the WebMAP's front-end architecture. It is responsible for managing the communication between the back-end server and the front-end. Also processes the information received and keep all the information about the control's models that are rendered in the client side.

This package contains some classes that performs the main tasks to keep, watch and manage the application state in the client side. It is created using the dependency injection approach so it is also highly extensible and modifiable without changing the original code.

The main tasks of the WebMAP's Client Core are:

  • Handle the frontend application's state.

  • Perform the requests to the server.

  • Handle and process the JSON responses received by the server.

  • Allows extensions to the architecture using dependency injection approach.

  • Registering and applying custom behaviors and allow workers to include new functionality.

WebMAP5 use Angular as the main platform for the frontend applications, so there is an extension to this WebMap's client core to include the support for angular, this is the WebMAPAngular project.

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