ReportWatcher Service Configuration

This section provides steps for configuring the report service.


The ReportWatcher service is a WCF service that depends on the full .NET 4.6.1 and above.

The main distribution package contains tree elements:

  1. A bin directory with the required assemblies

  2. A ReportService.svc file with the service definition

  3. A Web.config with configuration for the web service.

This service could be installed in IIS or IIS express as with other WCF services.

For debugging purposes just run the ReportWatcher.sln solution and Visual Studio is going to publish the service in IIS Express. The default URL is http://localhost:5011/ReportService.svc .

Configuring the modernized application to use the service

When running the modernized application the reportService configuration setting specifies the URL for the report service.

The setting could be specified in the command line as follows:

dotnet run --reportService=

Configuration using IIS