Release Notes

WebMAP: WinForms to Web is a tool designed to convert .NET Framework apps based on C# and Windows Forms to a modern web architecture. WebMAP WinForms Release Notes documentation.



  • Updated Licensing URL for production mode



  • Updated Generic UI Infrastructure. New user interface was installed.

  • Updated Licensing mechanism.

  • Integrated new assessment execution mode.



  • Add Net Framework 5 support on conversion output.

  • Support for send a query string from the browser during the start up event.


  • Double counted of lines of code for the licensing mechanism.

  • Add support to suspend layout in splitcontainer and resume layout with parameter.

  • Add support to add form like user control.

  • Add fix to remove duplicate controls, when include by the mechanic of dynamic controls in design time.

  • Add fix to missing references on refresh observable mechanism.

  • Removed splash startup window.



  • Fix setting window for VS Angular project radio button should be disabled when NetFramework output or only FrontEnd side generation options are turned on



  • Add support for indexers stub declarations

  • Add support for members overrides for class that was converted to Stub

  • Add support for the inheritance of stub classes with generic arguments

  • Add support to generate stubs for Base.Property

  • Add support to the call of stubs generated from classes with generic arguments


  • Removed unnecessary dependencies from converted code

  • Refactored UI notification to avoid double call to Server


  • Components are adding incorrect positions in CSS causing overlapping

  • Fix overflow among controls is being added to CSS

  • Fix long path when conversion tool builder the resolve path to extract package

  • Fix support for mappings overloading mechanism

  • Migrated .NET Core 3.1 WinForms project doesn't compile when Assembly info is duplicated



  • Add support to the inheritance from stubs generated from classes with generic arguments.

  • Add Angular Template support as an additional option for building the UI.


  • Update .NET Framework version from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 on conversion runner.

  • Update links to documentation on the UI.

  • Remove the need to configure an API_KEY after the installation of WebMAP: WinForms to Web.


  • Fix installer not showing a finish message when the user decides not to install MSBuild 15.

  • Fix installer showing the message to install MSBuild 15 although in the computer is installed MSBuild 16.

  • Fix installer to wait for MSBuild installation so it can continue.

  • Fix stub generation for methods, properties, and classes already supported.



  • Validation for empty .sln file invalid for conversion.

  • Support for multiples conversions at the same time.

  • Generation of UI elements defined in inner classes.

  • Support for copy project's files to output folder.



  • User Interface implementation.

  • Trial and full license mechanism (time and lines of code based).

  • Error handling and recovery mechanism added.


  • Controls' coverage support improved.