PowerBuilder Kendo Components

This is the set of components that supports the PowerBuilder set of controls using some components that are implemented in the Kendo UI framework, currently we have a simple architecture that are based in direct inheritance from the BaseControlComponent Class as you can see in the next diagram.

Power Builder controls can be used both on a window and a lot of them on a data window In order to support PowerBuilder controls, its functionalities, behaviors and those two different scenarios, we provide two sets of components: data manager components and window components. Both extends from BaseControlComponent, are based in the Kendo UI for Angular Web components and practically have the same attributes; the differences appear in the moment that they load data.

Window Components

This set of components could be identified with a 'wm' as a prefix on its selector and are used on a window or even some of them could be used on a Data Manager but not as a column, they load data directly from the model on the initial request.

Supported window components:

Checkbox CommandButton ComplexNumericEditMask DateTimeEditMask DropDownListBox GroupBox LineComponent ListboxComponent MaskedTextBox MDIClient Menu MultiLineEdit Picture RadioButton

Rectangle SimpleNumericEditMask SingleLineEdit StaticText StringEditMask TimeEditMask ToolBar ToolBarItem UserObject PBWindow


This set of components could be identified with a 'wm-dw' as a prefix on its selector and their purpose is to be used as columns of data window. DwColumnComponent is the component in charge of build a specific component using visualControlType property. Columns loads its data from dataBundle page that is a request that every data manager do in order to fill.

Supported Data Manager components:

BaseDataManager DataManagerControl DataManagerControlBase DwCheckbox DwColumn DwComplexNumericEditMask DwCompute Dropdowndatawindow EditComponent DwEditMask DwSimpleNumericEditMaskComponent DwStringEditMask DwTimeEditMask

Events propagation

Data manager components do not send events directly to server, these components propagate its own events to datamanager control that is the one in charge to manage events and eventualy send them,

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