Adds support for the ajaxToolkit:ModalPopupExtender.

This control can be attached to any control to open a popup window that displays additional content.

Implementation Details:

Component Selector: ‘wm-modalpopup-extender’

Kendo UI Component: N/A

Class inheritance

AjaxModalPopUpExtenderComponent extends ControlComponent

PME Support

Custom Methods

Open / Close

The ClickEmittedNotification subscription using the AjaxInteractionService helps the control know if it needs to open or close the PopupControl. If the click event id equals the targetControlId it will open the PopupControl or if the event id equals the cancelControlId it will close it.

The open and close methods get the DOM element based on the PopupControlId and apply the necessary styles to show or hide the control.

Reference to the complete control documentation: AjaxModalPopUpExtenderComponent

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